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Rev. Steven Schaftlein, Pastor
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St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church

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PARISH EVENTS Nov 22nd - 30th


Sunday 8:30AM-HS Pancake Breakfast-PLC
            9:15AM-Religious Education
            Blessing Baskets will be delivered

My Dear People

This past week the "Connected In The Spirit" program got off to a good start with a meeting at St. Agnes in Nashville. We now have a committee of 5 at both Holy Trinity and St. Rose to help lead both parishes through the reflection process. We will begin the process of consulting and share info immediately after Thanksgiving. Give thanks for the individuals who have stepped forward to lead us. Open your minds and hearts with a prayerful spirit as we engage in this journey together. More info to come!

Next Sunday, Nov. 30, at both Holy Trinity and St. Rose, we will begin Advent with the Rite of Acceptance as the participants in our RCIA program are formally introduced to the parish as Catechumens who are studying, reflecting, and praying about our Catholic faith. This is a statement that they are seriously thinking about joining the church. A final decision won’t come until Lent. Keep these fellow pilgrims in faith in your thoughts and prayer.

At St. Rose, this Sunday, the Thanksgiving Day Baskets will be blessed and delivered to those in need. And there’s the opportunity for the pancake breakfast after the 7:30 am mass. St. Rose School is having its Thanksgiving Feast day on Tuesday.

Thanksgiving Day is translated into Spanish as El Día De Acción De Gracias which put the emphasis on the action of giving thanks. Gratitude is not just a feeling inside of us. It is one that grows and blossoms when it is shared with others. I pray that your Thanksgiving day and weekend will be active with expressions of gratitude, the fellowship of family and friends, and some time to be inactive – wasted in prayer with the Lord.

Fr. Steve

PS: Note that there will be mass on Tuesday Evening (6:30 pm) and Wednesday morning (8:30 am), there will not be mass on Wednesday evening, Thursday or Friday.

Monday 7:30AM– Communion Service
             10:00AM-Faith Sharing/Bible Study-AR
Wednesday 7:00PM-Bible Study-AR
Sunday No Religious Education Rite of Acceptance

AR (Anniversary Room)