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Rev. Steven Schaftlein, Pastor
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St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church

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My Dear People,

Many thanks for all of those who planned, cooked, and carried out the welcoming celebrations at both St. Rose and Holy Trinity. I know that I speak for both Fr. Joe and myself when I say it is a joy to be with you. May God Bless Each And Every One of You!

I want to remind you of the change in mass schedule beginning next week Sep. 6 & 7.
Saturday - St. Rose - 4:30 (with Reconciliation from 3:30-4:15 pm)
              - Holy Trinity 6:30 pm (For Reconciliation catch the priest either before or after the 6:30 pm Mass)
Sunday - St. Rose - 7:30 am & 11:30 am & Holy Trinity 9:30 am

This weekend we continue our "Called By Name" program. Through this program you have an opportunity to affirm the vocational potential of young people in our parish. Forms are in the pews. Fill one out and return it today or next Sunday.

Back about 35 years ago, when I was an associate pastor of St. Mary’s, New Albany, I had the privilege of viewing a presentation on the Shroud of Turin. The Shroud is thought by some to be the original burial cloth of Jesus. Over the centuries this has been hotly debated. A number of scientific examination have taken place with at least one suggesting that it dates from the middle ages. Whether the Shroud of Turin is or isn’t the burial cloth of Jesus may be debated. But, it cannot be debated that the Shroud is a work of art. And for a believer it can be a spiritual work of art. In a compelling and graphic way it reveals both the reality of the crucifixion and the hope of the resurrection. The images imprinted on the shroud collaborate with everything we know about crucifixion. And, it parallels what we know of Jesus’ crucifixion from the four Gospels. You cannot witness this presentation without coming away convinced that only someone of great love and conviction would willing undergo such a death for the sake of another. The Shroud can be a sign of how much Jesus willingly loved each of us. For this reason, it has aptly been called the 5th Gospel. Give some thought to viewing this presentation on the Shroud at Holy Trinity September 14-18

May God Bless You!

Fr. Steve

Saturday 3:30PM-Eucharistic Minister Training
Monday 7:30AM-Communion Service-Chapel
Wednesday 7:00PM-K of C-Anniversary Room
                       7:00PM-Bible Study-Studio
Sunday 9:15AM-Religious Education
              10:00AM-Eucharistic Minister Training
              2:00PM-Penance Service