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Tues 6:30PM
Weds - Fri: 8:30AM
Sat: 4:30 PM 
Sun: 7:30AM

Rev. Steven Schaftlein, Pastor
Rev. Joseph Moriarty, Sacramental Minister
Ron Reimer, Deacon

St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church

114 Lancelot Dr. Franklin, IN 46131

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PARISH EVENTS Jan 25th - Feb 1st

 KEY - AR (Anniversary Room)
         - PLC (Parish Life Center)

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To obtain the results of the parish survey please send
an email with your name and email address to cissr@stroselions.net Thank you to everyone who participated.

More information about the CIS process may be found at:

Archdiocese http://www.archindy.org/connected/index.html

St Rose -

 KEY - AR (Anniversary Room)
         - PLC (Parish Life Center)

Sunday After 7:30AM Mass-Coffee and Doughnuts-PLC
             9:15AM-Religious Education
             12:30PM-Catechists’ Brunch-PLC
Monday No Communion Service
Tuesday 8:00PM-Franklin College Mass
Wednesday 6:30PM-RCIA-School
                   7:00PM-Bible Study-Anniversary Room
Friday 5:30PM-Chili Supper-PLC
          7:00PM- Punk N Rock-PLC
Saturday Souper Bowl of Caring
Sunday After 7:30AM Mass-Coffee and Doughnuts in PLC
            9:15AM-Religious Education
            Souper Bowl of Caring