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News and Notes

Celebration of Stewardship Annual Legacy 2018-19

Click for Pledge CardStewardship - a way of life


In Matthew Chapter 7:7 Jesus said “Ask, and it will be given to you; search, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you.” To help achieve our St. Rose Legacy Goal of Developing at St. Rose Generous & Responsible Stewardship you were asked to “Do One More Thing for Your St. Rose Family”. As reported in the recent Annual Report, parishioners responded generously to the Appeal.  The parish has been truly blessed.  Thank you to all for the generous Giving of Gifts Back to God.

2018 Legacy Appeal Success

During this year-long celebration of our 150th year as a Catholic Community there has been so much for which to be thankful.  The physical changes around the campus are bountiful and easy to see, a visual indicator of a vibrant community.  We have added beautiful landscaping, a new outdoor shelter that is already seeing much use, additional meeting space and a community room, even a renovated school office to mention just a few.  Beyond those highly visible changes, we’ve added many new families into our church and school community, and welcomed both children and adults into the Catholic faith at St Rose.  Students are benefiting from additional technology, new math curriculum and even new PE supplies.  All this while maintaining a balanced budget.

It is only through your thoughtful and generous stewardship that all this is possible.  A journey worth celebrating!  A truly heart felt THANK YOU for your gifts of time, talent and treasure.

2019 Legacy Appeal

As we approach the new liturgical year, it is an opportunity to reflect on the coming year and continuing stewardship commitments.  In alignment with the Archdiocese, St Rose of Lima is launching both our Legacy Appeal and United Catholic Appeal during November.  The appeal kicks off with our Annual Legacy dinner.  United Catholic Appeal information should arrive via mail to your home.  If you wish to make a treasure contribution to the St Rose Legacy Appeal, fill out and return the 2018-19 Appeal Card which may be found in an envelope located at each church entrance. Or download it by clicking here.

Continue the Journey

As you prayerfully consider your contributions, please review some of the possibilities below. The parish staff would also be happy to discuss opportunities with you.

Spiritual – Help our community, including our extended family, by making a commitment to read, reflect on, and pray about the mission of Jesus.

Time/Talent – Volunteer your special talents to help with parish needs such as:

  • Campus maintenance & beautification
  • Office & classroom support
  • Participating in a Parish ministry
  • Visiting the sick & shut-ins

Treasure – Support special areas like:

  • Greatest need
  • Facilities Upgrades and Access Improvements
  • Security Upgrades for Hallways and Exterior
  • Supporting scholarships

Create a Legacy Brick

Legacy bricks

To commemorate our 150th Anniversary as a parish a CROSS made of engraved brick pavers has been constructed under the Jones Memorial Arch. For more information on how to get yours, click here or call the parish office(317-738-3929) or email us.

Annual Report 2018

Annual Report 2018

View the St. Rose of Lima Community Annual Report 2018.

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Reflections Gathering Summary

On October 6, thirty-five parishioners gathered at Franklin College to “reflect upon our past and begin dreaming about the future.” Five questions were discussed by small groups of parishioners and the individual group results were coalesced into a consensus response. The questions were:

  1. Why does St. Rose do what it does?
  2. What do we mean when we say: “To serve the Lord?”
  3. What does St. Rose mean to you, your family and your community?
  4. What does St. Rose do well?
  5. What stops us from doing all things well?

The results for questions 1-3 are summarized in the following word pictograms which contain the words presented by individual participants. The size of the word indicates the number of times it was given.

For more information or to submit your responses to the questions, please contact the parish office.

Historical Video / Slideshow


A historical slideshow containing photos of St. Rose of Lima Franklin parishioners and facilities.

Posted by St Rose of Lima Catholic Parish on Thursday, September 13, 2018
St. Rose of Lima Anniversary Video

A historical video depicting the founding and evolution of the St. Rose Catholic Community of Franklin, Indiana over the past 150 years.

Posted by St Rose of Lima Catholic Parish on Friday, August 31, 2018