Our St. Rose ministries are organized into commissions and sub-committees that provide Advisory and Consultative support to the Pastor, Parish Staff, other Parishioners, School Principal as well as Operational support for the Physical Facilities of the parish. Members are generally, but not exclusively, adults. Appointments for commissions are normally for 3 years, whereas for the operational committees (e.g. maintenance, festival, computer, …) it varies and is based upon function and need. The commissions normally meet monthly. Operational committees meet as needed.

Administration Commission

The Administration Commission is the steward of parish resources. It is comprised of a representative from each of its current sub-committees: Communication, Finance, Landscaping, Sponsorship, Temporal Affairs, and Catholic Appeal.

Faith Formation Commission

The Faith Formation Commission deals with matters concerning all levels of religious educational programming in the parish, children through adults. The Commission’s role is to foster cooperation, coordination and communication among all groups and individuals involved in the faith formation ministries of the parish and to encourage a parish wide involvement.

Parish Life Commission

The role of the Parish Life Commission is to promote family life, help build the parish community and to help foster a sense of belonging among parishioners. It organizes and carries out activities such as Coffee & Doughnuts, the Parish Dinners and events.

School Commission

The School Commission is made up of appointed individuals with different talents who work together in an advisory capacity to the school principal. This Commission’s members are discerned, meaning that one cannot just sign up for this. The existing members review all interested parishioners and make appointment recommendations to the Pastor. Terms are for 3 years and 1/3 of the members turn over each year.

Outreach and Social Concerns Commission

This commission reaches out to the greater community outside the walls of St. Rose. We work with the Crisis Pregnancy Center, The Gabriel Project, the March for Life in Washington, and many more activities that help us to bring our communities closer to God.