The Pastor’s Corner

June 13, 2021 – 11th Sunday of Ordinary Time

“We walk by faith, not by sight”

                                                                                                         “We walk by faith, not by sight.”

Dear Folks,

As we celebrate the 11th Sunday in Ordinary time we need to remember where we have been, where we are, and where we can go.  Approximately one year ago after a few months without Sunday Eucharist, we renewed our Sunday mass schedule.  At first, only about 100 people came to mass.  Slowly numbers increased as people gained confidence in the best practices of physical distancing, wearing of masks, etc.  By the end of the year, our numbers were averaging around 130.  With the beginning of the vaccination effort, numbers began to rise.  In February attendance rose to about 200.  In March we crept above 200.  By May we were averaging 260.  This past weekend we had 300.  We still have a way to go before we have a weekly attendance between 325 and 425 with an average of about 375.

Another bit of good news is that the Memorial Day weekend doesn’t appear to have caused a spike in covid cases.  There is clear evidence that the vaccination program is working.  With this in mind, in accord with the Archdiocesan policy, and with consultation with local health authorities, the wearing of masks at Sunday Eucharist and activities at St. Rose will now be optional for those who are fully vaccinated.  Those not fully vaccinated are encouraged to continue wearing masks until they are fully vaccinated.  We will continue to reserve the one section of pews for structured physical distancing for those who feel a need to take extra precautions.  Only those who are fully vaccinated will distribute communion. 

                                                               “He knows not…how the seed sprouts and grown.”  “We walk by faith, not by sight”

 These quotes from this Sunday’s readings remind us of the importance of staying connected with
God who alone has the needed wisdom to guide us through the many confusing situations that confront us.  The people of St. Rose are to be congratulated for the many ways they have kept the faith!

Fr. Steve

Rescinding The Dispensation – In May we received notification from the Archdiocese that Indianapolis in collaboration with the other 4 dioceses of Indiana will rescind the dispensation for Sunday Mass attendance as of June 11.  This means that the obligation for Sunday mass attendance returns as of June 12 & 13.  To read the full statement click on the following link – Rescinding The Dispensation.  The Archdiocese continues to strongly encourages the wearing of face coverings at liturgical celebrations”.  Physical distancing remains at the discretion of the local parish with a suggestion to dialogue with local health officials.  If infection rates continue to decrease we will consider moving from the mandatory to the optional wearing of masks at mass for vaccinated people.

I want to congratulate our younger persons who are beginning to return in larger numbers.  It is great to see you back.  Your energy, spontaneity, creativity, and young voices are a great blessing to us.  Shared Sunday Eucharist, parish activities, and relationships help to carry us through challenges, difficulties, and losses.  These celebrations and gatherings give a deeper meaning to the blessings of lives.  Come back and be a part of the St. Rose Family, a part of the Body of Christ.

Goings On:

Steering Committee –  The committee is looking forward to rebooting a variety of committees and activities in the months ahead.  Much will depend on people stepping forward to volunteer.  This includes Sunday morning coffee and donuts, visitation of the homebound,  jail ministry, and a variety of small groups that meet for reflection, prayer, and outreach.  Consider volunteering to help with the ministries of the parish.

A reminder of the arrangements for Sunday Eucharist, we have replaced the hymnals to the pews.  The two central sections of the pews are open for people to exercise personal good judgment in regards to physical distancing.  The two side sections will remain structured for those who will be more comfortable with structured physical distancing. We do ask that those who wish to receive communion on the tongue to wait til last.  All should continue to wear masks.  These arrangements are in line with the new guidelines issued by the Archdiocese this week.

Gethsemane Prayer Chapel

If you are struggling in any way, take some time to seek guidance from God.  Visit our Gethsemane Prayer Chapel.  At Gethsemane Jesus found the strength to fulfill His mission.  The same can be true for us.

For a further reflection go to

No Mass On Tuesday Evening June 15 – I will be in Evansville with a group of priests visiting a fellow priest in a nursing home on Tuesday.

DRE/CRE Search Concludes – June 12 & 13 following the 4:30, 8 am and 11 am masses will be an opportunity for all parishioners to meet and welcome Claire Jackson as our new DRE.  This will take place in the Legacy Room.  Give her a warm welcome!  


“Stewardship is a spiritual way of life that defines who we are in relationship to God
And everyone and everything we ever encounter”.

Stewardship – June 13, 11th Sunday In Ordinary Time

In today’s Gospel, Jesus compares the beginning of God’s kingdom to a mustard seed. This tiny seed, which fits in the palm of a hand, can grow to fifteen feet with sprawling branches. Like the mustard seed, the Christian community had a tiny, seemingly insignificant beginning. The church, which began with about 120 followers, added three thousand people on Pentecost Day following the descent of the Holy Spirit. Since then, the number of Christ’s disciples has grown incalculably and continues to grow throughout the world. Good stewards go about God’s business of “planting seeds” among all those they encounter. What will we do this week to “plant seeds” and add to God’s kingdom?

 Our inherited Catholic Legacy is what our Catholic forebears have done for us.
Our stewardship is the means by which we will hand on our Catholic Legacy to those who will follow after us.”