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Dear Folks,

Safely And Effectively Proclaiming The Message – We’re seeking to be pro-active in our efforts to address the current challenges and opportunities.  We now have a permit to install a digital sign on highway 44.  It will be taller and enable us to more effectively communicate with the Franklin community.  Also, we have found a source to get air purifiers at a discount price and will be installing them in the weeks ahead in the school and parish offices.  This will add another layer of prevention to our efforts to minimize exposure to the covid19 virus.  These combined projects will cost somewhere about $40,000.  Several individuals have already come forward with checks and commitments totaling $30,000.  If you’re looking for a special project to support, these two would be a good opportunity.  We would like to cover the total cost by special donations.  Just drop off a check at the parish office or go online giving and specify the fund “parish improvements.  The Air Purifiers cost $190 per unit.  We will be needing about 20 to cover the total parish and school.

Forming Consciences – Catholic Guidelines For Political Activities –  As political activity reaches a fever pitch, it is important to remember the values of our Catholic faith.  United States Catholic Conference has published a brief brochure with some timely info.  Take a look!  Forming Consciences – Catholic Guidelines For Political Activity

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Mass Attendance – Mass attendance has slowly started to increase in the last couple of weeks.  Individuals and families who are not vulnerable are encouraged to attend.  We can more than double the number in attendance and still maintain physical distancing.   Please CLICK to read a document that contains important guidelines about attending Mass.

Some have asked why there is less music and the lack of the creed during mass.  Archdiocesan guidelines asked us to keep mass as short as possible since the length of time that one is in the public is a key factor during the pandemic.  So, the creed, the offertory procession, entrance procession etc. have been dropped.  Other thins such as music has been shortened.  This is also available at

Community Room – As we continue to open up parish activities and ministries, let’s remember the Community Room (former garage).  It is available to civic groups in our community.  It is a part of our outreach ministries to the community that we are called to serve.  If you know of or are a member of a civic group that needs a place to meet, the room is available.  The guidelines for the wearing of masks and physical distancing would need to be followed.

Mark November 19 on your calendars for the Legacy Dinner!

Remember the 4 P’s – Prayer, Prevention, and Protection Not Panic


Fr. Steve