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Reconciliation  – A reminder that the regular time for the Sacrament of Reconciliation continues to be available in the Community Room from  3:30-4:15 pm on Saturday.  Please park your car facing the outside door of the room.  If the door is closed, a penitent is in the room.  If the door is open, come on in!

Covid 19 and Mass Attendance – With the upsurge in cases in November mass attendance significantly dropped down.  With the surge nearly everyone began to adhere to the guidance of wearing masks, maintaining physical distancing, etc.  As a result all rates of the Covid 19 pandemic have dropped considerably since the holidays.  With the gradual ramping up of the vaccination program we are making slow but sure progress combating the pandemic.  With continued perseverance we can hope to gradually reduce the rates to their lowest level since the beginning of the pandemic.  I want to encourage vaccinated and non vulnerable people to consider returning to mass.  While maintaining physical distancing we’re currently only utilizing about 30% of the available space in the church.

Some have asked why there is less music and the lack of the creed during mass.  Archdiocesan guidelines asked us to keep mass as short as possible since the length of time that one is in the public is a key factor during the pandemic.  So, the creed, the offertory procession, entrance procession etc. have been dropped.  Other thins such as music has been shortened.  This is also available at

Community Room – As we continue to open up parish activities and ministries, let’s remember the Community Room (former garage).  It is available to civic groups in our community.  It is a part of our outreach ministries to the community that we are called to serve.  If you know of or are a member of a civic group that needs a place to meet, the room is available.  The guidelines for the wearing of masks and physical distancing would need to be followed.

Remember the 6 P’s – Prayer, Prevention, Protection, Patience, and Perseverance – Not Panic


Fr. Steve